Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I can't take it anymore- doesn't anyone want no fluff truth!, By Patti Pacifico

I am really excited that the world is now touching upon the hope and understanding of the law of attraction. I know, I know, everyone is hopping on this "bandwagon" and I sit here thinking how in the world am I going to convince my readers, my subscribers that I am not trying to manipulate, but educate?

This stated, I just reviewed a beautiful web page. It detailed the success of the new masterminds behind The Secret and please, please do not misunderstand me- this is important. Positive thought. The subconscious. The soul. God. Law of attraction. Whatever you want to call it is fine. It is all the same, but a bit different. Just like all systems and processes of life, the world, art and science. Yet, the Internet absolutely drives me insane! Again, promises are being made, hope is offered that anything you want you can manifest, yet this beautiful website that I just reviewed wants you to pay $1995.00 USD to learn the law of attraction. What?!

I sit here and write to you because I have taught individuals on all socio-economic and educational levels. I have known people from "the hood" and multimillionaires. One of the most amazing minds and individuals, my contracted author, Jessica Goodman, sat on her information for three years before we finally published it. I sat on the idea that the Internet can have a central place for quality information before I finally decided that fluff, hype marketing is going to wear people out. Why shouldn't I: describe any product for what it is; give free knowledge or at least access or guidance to knowledge? Never before in history have we been able to express ourselves without censorship. I think this is amazing. Yet, I can't stand the prevalence of overly manipulating the possibility of every human being.

I can't promise the information I provide for a fee or for free will grant you your every wish or desire by tomorrow, but I can promise that it is researched and written in truth.

Why would you spend $1995.00 to listen to hours of audio tapes, lesson planning and "homework", blah, blah, blah. Come on. The time is now. Pacifico House Publishing's first book THE FORMULA- a guide to true living is a guideline, an explanation for all the fancy words that the big, sleek copywritten, promise-laden web sites offer. It is about innate human possibility and hope. It is a simple, concise how to. It is a non-threatening explanation to the simplicity of living a fulfilled life. Life doesn't have to be hard, however, wrapping your mind around new knowledge takes time and appears difficult, but once you know it, you know it. This is life. This is fulfillment- knowing.

Of course I want you to purchase Jessica Goodman's book from We worked hard to make a book that would be easy to read and a process that would be easy to implement and understand. This is not about competition- this is about giving knowledge in a time when it is needed most. It is time. There is too much negativity. It is time to trust in a new online family and a new online home that doesn't take advantage of you. Yes, you can have, be or do anything, but it doesn't have to cost $2000.00 USD.


Patti Pacifico

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