Thursday, April 5, 2007

10 Surefire Ways to Change your Life to Better, Posted by Robert Paisola

Are you in boredom? Can't find the meaning of your life? This is a To Do list that you can start changing your life right now. Living a better life will be a gift to you as to everybody that surrounds you.

Let's go to the list:

1. Stop complaining - Stop now to give away to others your own responsibility and acting as victims or feeling guilty, how much you complain about something what you complain never stops and in contrary it increase and take domain of your life.

2. Give up television - Television makes the people lazy since it's a centralized media and the people watching television do a passive activity, they stop visualizing and creating their realities because its all done in the video. Try to replace it by reading anything.

3. Being Self-Confident - Without Self-Confidence you can't do anything so if do you want make something in your life you need begin to consider that you really can do anything that you want to do, remembering that all power is within you.

4. Learn and practice meditation - Search for meditation methods on internet or try to find any near teacher and make your choice to the better method that adapt better to your needs and preferences, practicing meditation will link you with the Source of All-That-Is.

5. Being attuned and practice Reiki - It's a healing therapy that is surely a very efficient way to change your life, you need find a Reiki Master to do your attunements and then you will have a great connection with the Reiki Energy and will heal all aspects of your life.

6. See the positive sides of everything - Everything has its positive sides and your mission here is to find all positive sides in every situation of your life, this maybe sounds mad but doing this you aren't just analyzing you are creating positive situations.

7. Live your life with Peak Experiences - You can remember some moments in your life that everything sounds perfect to you and you feel great joy, the challenge is that sometimes these experiences have a quick end, your job is make it happen again and again.

8. Handle your relationships to the better - You need make your better in all aspects of your life and your relationships are one important part of it, try to be with others as you want they to be with you and don't worry with small problems in daily life.

9. Use the Law of Attraction in your support - Everything you do and think tends to progress in that way so if you want something you need right now make the first move to acting and thinking in alignment with what you desire.

10. Use Creative Visualization to construct your desires - Everything in our reality can be shaped by what we think and feel so visualize your desire focusing in your great feelings of joy and gratitude as this desire already happened.

So please tell me in the comments what you think about these processes, your experience with it and your own To Do lists.

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